Legacy of Lovers Lane tree lives on in sculpture

Months have passed since the well-known Lovers Lane tree was cut down, but the legacy of the popular tree is still living on in Ocean Springs.

An artist took logs from the Lovers Lane tree to create a sea turtle sculpture that now stands in Weeks Bayou on East Beach Drive. The Ocean Springs tree became the subject of controversy in a two-year debate centered around the tree being a public safety issue. After a truck accident, the tree was axed down.

Lloyd Helveston, the artist that created the tree sculpture tells News 25 he knew what the Lovers Lane tree meant to the community. “When you tear down a piece of history like that, it’s more than just firewood to me. I decided to make something out of it and donate it to the City of Ocean Springs and what better place than the Landtrust.”

Ocean Springs Alderman Ken Papania said, “In prior times, turtles came ashore here and nested. So, we thought it would be appropriate to put a turtle here.”

City aldermen tell news 25 Weeks Bayou is a popular place for school field trips. The Lovers Lane sea turtle sculpture can help children learn about Ocean Springs history and to gain respect for nature.

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