Learning life lessons at BRAVE Camp

As summer camps adjust to the COVID-19 outbreak, one that’s been a staple on the Coast for a decade now is continuing to teach the same lessons in a different environment.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office has helped local kids with the tools they need to stay safe at BRAVE Camp for 10 years now. Lt. Robert Lincoln said, “The best thing that I can give them is ATV safety, water safety, fire safety, bicycle safety, things that are really relevant to them and their everyday life.”

BRAVE stands for ‘Bullying Resistance Anti-Violence Education.” Along with those important lessons on bullying, it’s an outlet for kids to have fun through interactive activities. BRAVE Camper Shelby Lincoln said, “I keep coming back and every time I guess I learn something new.”

Coronavirus has caused the camp to make significant changes, most notably by reducing the length of sessions and hosting only 17 kids at a time, but camp officials say the ability for these kids to be back amongst each other after months apart is critically important. “So we’re probably teaching about 25 percent of the time and giving them 75 percent of free and fun time. Organized, but fun time so that they can actually have some of that social interaction that they’ve all been missing.”

While 2020 has been a tumultuous year, everyone hope this year’s camp can help kids and adults alike better connect with their neighbors. “It’s just about them seeing us playing, us having a good time, us giving those messages and showing them just being an example for them.”

BRAVE Camper Christian Caquias said, “It’s very important not to bully each other. We need to get through this together.”

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