Learning about planets through hands-on activities at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Children at the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport learned about the solar system today through different hands-on activities.

Children from ages three through six were able to learn about planets through the center’s Science Technology Engineering Art and Math, STEAM, program.

With the help from their parents, children were able to color planets using coloring book paper and tape them on to make a homemade mobile to hang in their home.

Before doing arts and crafts, the children went outside to explore the location and size of the planets by using different colored balls. Bear Cub Club Teacher, EIE Instructor Kat Hamiter said, “The young brain is like a little sponge and it likes to absorb things. So, start them early, teaching them things. They learn a lot faster at this age than later in life. Seeing and doing is much better than reading about it. If they get their hands in there, they are going to learn a lot more.”

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