Lazy Magnolia Celebrates 10 Years of Brewing Beer

For years, Lazy Magnolia has been pleasing beer drinkers in Mississippi. Friday night, they celebrated their 10th anniversary. Lazy Magnolia is Mississippi’s first brewery since Prohibition in 1907. The brewery is owned by Mark and Leslie Henderson.

Although the brewery now works with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment, Henderson can still remember the day Lazy Magnolia was born. He says, “There’s a little grove of magnolia trees that overlook our porch, shade trees for that porch, and since they’re barely scratching a living out of the dirt, we called them lazy magnolias. So a couple weeks later, we’re moving the operation out underneath the shade of the lazy magnolias and a brewery was born.”

With every beer brewed at Lazy Magnolia, they continue to perfect what they started over ten years ago. It’s that start that gives other breweries the chance to have many anniversaries as well. Senator Philip Moran created the bill to raise the alcohol beverage volume laws in Mississippi.

This allowed for Lazy Magnolia to brew even more beer than before. He can speak to the influence Mark and Leslie’s company has had on Mississippi. Moran says, “They’ve opened up a lot of possibilities and opened the doors for a lot of new craft brewery companies that it seems like open every month or so.”

Even with new breweries popping up all over Mississippi, the Hendersons don’t see them as competitors. Henderson closes, “In Mississippi, right now less that 1% of the beer sold in Mississippi is made in Mississippi. So you have 100 beers, one of them is made in Mississippi. We’re not competing over the one beer. There’s 99 other beers and all we gotta’ do is teach people there is a choice and that they can in fact find a craft beer that appeals to them.”

As beer drinkers search for their favorite craft brew, it’s important to know it all began at home in Mississippi.

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