Law Enforcement Prayer Service in Long Beach

Long Beach citizens celebrated International Day of Peace by bringing peace to the police station.
The parking lot was filled with St. Vincent Elementary School students, police officers and residents of Long Beach all to pray over law enforcement officers.
This is the second annual prayer service at the Long Beach Police Station. Michele Ponte, the organizer of the event, tells News 25 the police need to know the community supports them now more than ever. “It is very sad to see the news, the bad news of them being killed or targeted just for the uniform they put on. They go out every day to protect us and to know that they are also a target is very scary. We want them to know that we support them, we are here for them and we pray that they come home safely to their families.”
The prayer service for law enforcement began in Texas last year from a woman’s social media post and has since spread nationally.

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