Law Enforcement Alert for Drunk Drivers

Law enforcement along the Coast encourages you to start thinking of a safe ride home now, before the celebrations start.
Officers will be on full alert for those who choose to drive under the influence tonight.
News 25’s Kendra Turley joins us live with how you can avoid bringing in the New Year behind bars.
Mississippi Highway Patrol, Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, Gulfport Police Department and many other law enforcement agencies are increasing the number of officers out on the street tonight. The average person that gets a DUI actually ends up spending about $10,000. That price includes bailing out of jail, paying to get a car out of impound, hiring an attorney, fees, higher insurance rates and more.
Officials are encouraging those who plan on traveling after New Year’s Eve celebrations to make a plan before stepping out. Sergeant Joshua Bromen with Gulfport Traffic Division said, “This date doesn’t sneak up on anybody. We all know it is coming. We have the Sugar Bowl. We have a lot of people down here. We have the casinos. There’s a lot of stuff going on and that’s exciting and it’s great but just have a plan. Because you’re going to call someone to come bail you out of jail. Call that same person before you leave and make that decision to get a ride home. Just be smart about it and have a plan.”
DUI isn’t just limited to alcohol. It also includes marijuana consumption and overdosing on prescription drugs. If you are arrested for a DUI it can stay on your record five years from the day of conviction. So, save the stress and money by remembering to make responsible decisions on the road tonight.

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