Latest community COVID update from Singing River Health System

While Singing River Health System has seen a decline in the number of COVID patients since its high of 150 just a couple of weeks ago, CEO Lee Bond warns ‘we are not out of the woods yet.’

In his latest community COVID update, Bond continues to encourage everyone to get vaccinated. He also addresses some common concerns about the vaccine.

Bond calls ‘breakthrough cases’ a misnomer, saying that 8.7% of those vaccinated are expected to still get COVID. It’s no surprise that some who are fully vaccinated test positive.

However, he notes that while he’s in favor of vaccinations, government mandated vaccines may exacerbate the Mississippi nurse shortage.  “So, a mandate in Mississippi would disproportionately affect Mississippi negatively. We already have more not for profit hospitals. We are not a wealthy state. We also are, again, one of the most unhealthy states. And we also have not expanded Medicaid. So, there’s less money coming into healthcare in Mississippi in almost any other state. So, a mandate would affect Mississippi disproportionately worse than it would affect other states.”

Singing River has administered over 65,000 vaccinations and more than 4,000 monoclonal antibody treatments across the Coast.

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