Large support from community at Harvey shrimp boil

All the proceeds from a shrimp boil in Gulfport are going straight to families devastated by Hurricane Harvey.
There were long lines of support at St. Joseph Hospice this morning. The shrimp boil was a chance to stack up donations and enjoy some good food. The community outreach program at St. Joseph Hospice is preparing to send a team to Houston to help.
Volunteers say they were surprised by the large amount of people that showed up to donate. Many were Hurricane Katrina survivors. St. Joseph Hospice Vice President Mark Crowson said, “Stories about them losing everything during Katrina and when they watched the news themselves, it took them back to when they lost stuff so there’s been a lot of stories, a lot of talking. It’s just, Mississippi is great. We are united. We’re always united as a state. There’s a group of people in Mississippi, we know what it’s like to lose everything so when someone else does, we come out to help them. It’s a blessing to be able to do this.”
The boil started at 11 a.m. with over 500 pounds of shrimp and they passed out more than 700 plates, not stopping until supplies ran out.

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