Lapointe-Krebs House and Museum hosting annual cemetery tour

Get ready to travel back in history as Lapointe-Krebs House and Museum in Pascagoula hosts their 15th annual historic cemetery tour.

This year’s program theme will be World War II. The tour will give visitors a chance to enjoy a USO show filled with jazz music, singing, and dancing.

Visitors can hear stories of life on the Coast during the war, learn about the massive population growth during the war years, and civil defense and rationing.

Local servicemen and women will also be on site to talk about their war stories.

Lapointe-Krebs House and Museum Executive Director Matthew Powell tells News 25 this is a great way to have fun while also learning about Mississippi’s history. “Anything to do with living history, it brings people in because people, when they learn about history, they don’t want to go sit in an archive or just read a book. They go to museums. They go to anything involving living history. So, that’s the best way to draw individuals in so they can learn about the past.”

The cemetery tour will take place Thursday from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. and it is free to the public.

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