Ladies locked and loaded at Gunho Indoor Shooting Range

One local gun shop is taking aim and setting their sights on keeping women safe.

Only one in five women report owning a gun while over 60 percent of men own guns, but one local gun shop is looking to turn the tides on these statistics by getting women into firearms. Gunho Indoor Shooting Range Owner Roger Caplinger said, “Hey, we are all about empowering women and this just gives them one more tool to be independent. I have all daughters and I want my daughters to be independent and I want them to be able to handle things on their own and what better way than to learn how to shoot and defend yourself.”

The people at Gunho are encouraging women to learn about guns by hosting ‘Ladies Night’ every Wednesday and giving them a discount on enhanced concealed carry classes. Manager Claudia Caplinger said, “Tons of women come in everyday and they ask me what is the best weapon for enhanced concealed carry, what they need to put in their bedside table to help keep themselves protected. “

Females are more than twice as likely to be assaulted than men, which is why the people over at Gunho shooting range say it is so important that they are trained. Gun instructor Janette Luttrell “If they are going to choose a firearm to protect themselves then they should have range time to get a full understanding of how that firearm works.”

If you are not comfortable using a gun, Caplinger says there are other ways to protect yourself. “You know, you could always start with a self-defense class, but we recommend that you just come in and get a feel for it. Anything you do is intimidating at first.”

Ladies Night at Gunho is held from the store’s open to close.

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