Lack of Law Enforcement Legislation

While many laws will go into effect today, it is the ones not going into law that are on the mind of one Mississippi leader.
Many pieces of legislation made their way through both chambers to eventually pass, but Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood tells News 25 there is a lack of law enforcement legislation this year.
Last year, legislation passed meant to stop texting and driving not only helped law enforcement agencies across the state, but it also helped Mississippians. Hood says this year, that’s just not the case. “There was not a lot of law enforcement legislation. They got so tied up in fighting over issues that really didn’t help Mississippians. They didn’t openly discuss with the public and the media what’s going on with the budget and that’s caused a big problem with us.”
One major law going into effect today that could involve law enforcement is churches are now allowed to have armed security guards.

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