Krystal Gonzalez Trial

Today was day one for the arson trial for a woman accused of setting fire to a D’iberville apartment complex.
Krystal Gonzalez is charged with first-degree arson for a fire that destroyed 20 units at Arbor View Apartments, displacing 40 residents on Mardi Gras night in 2014.
During opening statements, prosecutors informed the jury about the events leading up to the incident, accusing Gonzalez of intentionally starting the fire as she set flame to an article of her then boyfriend’s clothing. Gonzalez’s attorney, Mike Crosby, stood strong with her original statement of an unattended candle being the possible source of the fire.
Four witnesses approached the stand today to describe their experience the night of the fire, a resident, two D’iberville police officers and the property manager for Arbor View at the time. The jury had the opportunity to hear the 9-1-1 call from the resident who testified today, as well as witness dash cam video from one of the officers who responded to the scene.
Day two of the trial will start tomorrow at 9 a.m.

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