Kroc Center installs chair lift to swimming pool

The Kroc Center in Biloxi recently installed a chair lift for their pool to give people with disabilities easier access to swimming.

A member of the Kroc Center with disabilities was the one who suggested the lift. Thanks to funding from the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, they were able to get one.

Team Adaptive of Biloxi then installed it soon after.

Since it’s installation, Fitness and Aquatic Coordinator Chere Stevenson says it’s been getting a lot of use from swimmers. “The pool should be accessible to everybody no matter what, so we’ve been really trying to research and find what would work best with our pool. We also have Encore Physical Therapy. They use our pool on Tuesdays to help children with disabilities, and they have been able to use the lift also, so it’s worked out for a lot of people.”

The center had a lift prior to this, but it broke down over time. The new one cost about $6,000.

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