Kroc Center creates children-ran candy cart for guests

The Kroc Center in Biloxi started a pretty sweet candy cart business with a couple of children in its after-school program.

Kroc Center Director Danielle Emery says she got the idea for the cart when she was helping two students in her after-school program with math homework.

She thought the idea of the cart would help teach them math skills as well as financial skills in a fun way.

Every day after 2 p.m., the students participate in managing the sales of candy to the other children in the after-school program as well as to the Kroc Center guests. “We were always doing math, and I was like, ‘what could we do to help with math?’ And I’ve been wanting a candy cart too, just trying to figure out how to make it happen, and I’m like the children are the best salesmen and the kids are the ones who are going to buy it so they should work it and they can learn in the process.”

All funds raised will go towards a pizza party as well as one it of the students’ choosing, such as a gaming console for them to enjoy.

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