KROC Camp Kicks Off in Biloxi

When school is out, the Kroc Camp is in.
Starting today, children ages five to 12 came out to the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Kroc Camp is a great resource for families who are still working but need somewhere to take their children during the holidays. Kids take part in numerous activities, swimming, music, art and, if the weather is nice, several outdoor activities. Children at the camp are also provided a lunch, along with two snacks during the day.
The camp is provided whenever kids are out of school. Which means during Christmas break, Mardi Gras and Spring Break the Kroc Center is the place to be. Morgan Shiyou with Salvation Army Public Affairs said, “It was just a need in the community. When the parents came and said ‘hey, we need this’ and Miss Angela said, ‘Let’s do it.’ Every activity we have going on Miss Angela is the coordinator of it all. She has a list of activities every day. Every day it’s different. I think tomorrow they’re going on a field trip to the mall. Today they’re swimming. It’s a lot of fun. They will be tired when they get home.”
The cost for the camp is $18 a day for members and $22 for potential members.

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