Korean War POW/MIA is laid to rest at Biloxi National Cemetery

More than 65 years following the end of the Korean War, a veteran returns home.

Korean War POW/MIA PFC James P. ‘Alvin’ Shaw was laid to rest today at Biloxi National Cemetery after being identified three years ago.

Every night, Margie Shaw Allman prayed her brother would one day return home. Korean War POW/MIA PFC James P. ‘Alvin’ Shaw has finally returned home to Mississippi to be laid to rest. His niece, Pamela Allman, said, “I’m just so thankful that he’s finally back. I wish my mother was here to witness this day, but unfortunately, she’s not. I think she knows where she is that he’s finally home.”

Shaw served in the Army for the end of World War II before being sent to fight in the Korean conflict. While fighting in Korea, Shaw was taken as a prisoner of war in December 1950. He died in captivity in June 1951. The Allman siblings don’t remember much about their uncle aside from the stories their mother would tell about his love for being outdoors. Shaw’s nephew, James Allman, said, “He loved to fish, loved to hunt from what I heard. He was an outdoors person.”

Due to limited forensic science at the time, Shaw’s body was unable to be identified. Eventually, his remains were buried alongside hundreds of other unidentified American soldiers in Hawaii. The Allman’s had all but given up hope that they’d ever see their uncle again until last summer when they received a call. “I got the call from my brother James and he said ‘you’re never going to believe this’ and I’m like ‘ok what,’ and he said ‘They found Uncle Alvin. They’ve found him. They’ve identified him.’”

With forensics being improved, the Army has slowly started to identify soldiers buried in Hawaii’s National Memorial Cemetery. Shaw was laid to rest at the Biloxi National Cemetery alongside thousands who proudly fought for our country.  Shaw’s nephew, John Allman, said “’All gave some, some gave all.’ Well, he was one of the ones that gave all. We don’t always understand what that means, but he gave his whole life for our freedom and that’s just, what more can a man do?”

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