Kiwanis Club provided free meals to first responders

Harrison County First Responders and healthcare workers were treated to breakfast and lunch at the Long Beach Senior Citizens Activity Center this weekend.

The Gulf Coast Kiwanis Club took part in sponsoring the event which was a pancake break and pizza lunch throughout the day.

Several first responders and healthcare workers showed up to the center where they were served by volunteers and members of Key Club.

Kiwanis administrators say you can make a difference by showing up to support those who work hard in your community. Kiwanis Regional Trustee Rogena Mitchell said, “This has been so much fun. It’s not just a time where we celebrate the folks who have done so much for us during this pandemic, but do so much for us all year round. The beautiful thing is it’s not just Kiwanis here or adults here. You have key club members here. These are kids who are in high school giving up their time to not just meet the folks who are serving their community but getting to serve them.”

The event was also sponsored by the City of Long Beach and Kiwanis Key Club.

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