King Cake display at the Biloxi Library

When it comes to king cakes everyone’s always asking ‘who got the baby,’ but have you ever wondered why it is in there in the first place?

The Biloxi Library on Howard Avenue has a display featuring the history of the king cake and the story behind the plastic babies inside them.

Inside the displays you’ll be able to glance at newspapers and magazine clippings of past carnivals. The colors on the famous green, gold, and purple cakes stand for justice, faith, and power.

You’ll also learn how the baby has evolved over the years. Biloxi Library Historian Jane Shambra said, “Originally they put the little porcelain doll years and years ago and decades ago. Whoever got that piece would get the next king cake then it evolved into beans and whoever got the bean inside their piece would throw the next party. So, now we use little plastic baby dolls.”

The library also has a display featuring Mardi Gras throws of the past. They’re closed on Fat Tuesday, but you can go check out the exhibits on Monday or Wednesday through Friday.

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