King Cake competition at the Ocean Springs Visitors Center

What better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than eating a wide assortment of King Cake?

The Ocean Springs Chamber is hosting its annual King Cake Contest! Until February 28th, people are invited to come inside the visitors center, taste the Mardi Gras treats available, and then rate the dessert on a scale of one to five. The desserts switch out every four days to receive the same voting window.

Ocean Springs Chamber Executive Director Cynthia Sutton says she is excited to educate visitors on the background of Mardi Gras. “This is a fun way for visitors to learn a little bit more about Mardi Gras season. We have visitors that come from all 50 states throughout the year. During this season, we get a lot of folks from up north that may have not heard about Mardi Gras, and this is a fun way to tell them a little bit about the history of Mardi Gras, what’s going on during the season, and give them of course a tasty treat.”

Stop by the Ocean Springs Visitors Center and your new favorite dessert may be covered in purple, green, and gold.

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