Kindergartners do state-wide tornado drill in Gulfport

As a part of Mississippi’s Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week, schools around our Coast took part in a state-wide tornado drill this morning.
When they hear the sound of the alarm, these kindergartners at Three Rivers Elementary know what to do. Kindergartner Kennah M. said, “You come out in the hallway and you get on your knees and put your head down.”
Renae Kim’s kindergarten was one of the classes taking part in the state-wide tornado drill. March through May brings the greatest threat of severe weather to Mississippi. The National Weather Service says there were 821 confirmed tornadoes during the spring months since 1950. “I explain to them what a tornado is. I just stress to them that we take this serious because it could really happen one day,” said Kim.
Recently, tornadoes destroyed homes in Hattiesburg and ripped through New Orleans, emphasizing just how crucial it is for students to know the drill. Kindergartner Jaxson P. said, “A tornado is very strong and dangerous and it could suck you up.”
A few students showed News 25 what to do in the event of a tornado.“(Why do we cover our heads and go against the wall?) Because you don’t want to get hurt on your head,” said Kennah.
Jaxson said, “You can never get by glass if there is a tornado.”
The successful drill made sure these students will be ready to spring into action if a tornado strikes. “If one were to ever really happen, I feel like the students are prepared and they know exactly what to do,” said Kim.

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