“Kids first” at local baseball complexes in Hancock County

Baseball fans are rejoicing as their favorite time of the year is upon us. Leaders in Hancock County have decided that this baseball season will be all about the kids.
Some groups are complaining that they’re being denied access to baseball complexes in the county, even when they aren’t in use. This is because county officials have designated the fields for youth sports only during the 2017 little league season.
After experiencing problems with broken glass, messed up playing fields, and issues with stadium lights being left on all night, Eddie Favre with Hancock County says the decision had to be made. “It’s been an issue that broken bottles, glass bottles, glass containers, even though the signs on the entrance say no glass containers, no alcoholic beverages. They stock up their concession stands and it would be almost impossible to find a place to relocate the merchandise so what the board did is they, for the three complexes: Necaise, Dedeaux, and the Kiln, authorized the use of it strictly for the rec programs over the two and a half month that the season is going on.”
The county board has designated the Lakeshore Ball Complex open for anyone to use throughout the duration of the season.

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