Kids Fire Academy in Biloxi

Over a dozen kids are learning life-saving skills during week two of the Biloxi Fire Kids Academy Camp.
These include CRP training, plus getting a look at how firefighters quickly dress themselves with turnout and hazmat gear. These future firefighters also learned about their own heartbeat, as well as the different aspects of being a firefighter.
Campers tell News 25 they have gained appreciation for everything firefighters do within our community. Camper Brian Parker said, “You only see the cover of the book. You only see firefighters as going on calls, going to fires, but they do a lot more than that. They go on calls for elderly. They go on calls for infants. They go on calls for anyone that needs help. They go on anything and everything.”
This is the second week for the Biloxi Fire Kids Academy Camp. Last week, the campers learned how to use fire extinguishers, use a hose, and crawl through a smoke filled house.

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