Kids Fire Academy begins in Biloxi

Little firefighters from across the Coast filled the Biloxi Fire Department today for the start of the Kids Fire Academy. While campers get to dress like firefighters they also learn the importance of fire safety and prevention.

Do you have any idea what these kids want to be when they grow up? “A firefighter!” “A firefighter!”

In what is easily one of the Biloxi Fire Department’s most popular events, the Kids Fire Academy kicked off Monday morning. While the event can be fun, it is designed to be more of a learning tool. Deputy Chief Vincent Payne said, “We’re trying to teach the kids fire extinguisher training, CPR, a lot of other things. We’ll teach them like different safety hazards around the house, a lot of life safety skills.”

A relatively new addition to the fire academy is the fire safety trailer which is a good way to teach campers to prevent and evacuate fires. “Basically we have a lot of props in there set up like a house and the kids can learn it in there and take it back home to practice those safe practices.”

Camper Izabelle Byers said, “We did a little test on if we were sitting on the bed and the smoke alarm went off and then we had to feel the door and if it was hot we had to put a towel under it and then we had to climb out the window.”

While he enjoys seeing campers having fun, Biloxi Fire Chief Joe Boney says what they learn is what’s most important. “If we teach them about fire safety, it stays with them their whole life. That’s a big issue we’re having right now. We have adults now that have never really been exposed to fire prevention in any specific way.”

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