Kids celebrate National Space Day at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Young minds spent the day exploring the wonders of space at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center!

The first Friday in May marks National Space Day, a day meant for inspiring children to learn more about space, travel, space exploration, and the study of space.

Lynn Meadows celebrated National Space Day with arts and crafts activities in the art studio. Kids were also able to engage in fun games inside the ‘Sun, Earth, Universe’ exhibit.

Director of Arts Programming Heather Johnson says exposing children to space travel is beneficial to their development. “It’s like the next frontier for us. I think there’s so much space exploration going on now, might as well get everyone involved while they’re young. They’re going to be the ones going up there someday, maybe they’ll be living on Mars.”

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is adding to their space exhibit with the ‘Build your own Mars Human Habitat.’

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