Kick off dance in Biloxi

With the rain in sight, one group is dancing the night away.
The dance floor at the Donal Snyder Community Center in Biloxi was rocking tonight during one of the center’s regular summer dances for people of all ages with special needs.
Due to weather, a smaller crowd was in attendance compared to the usual 150 to 200 people that usually attend, but that didn’t stop them tonight from dancing the night away in this sports themed dance.
People of all ages are invited to attend this event. One of the organizers of the event tells News 25 why this event is important. Community Organizer Melissa Beebee said, “There’s not too many people or places that cater to special needs and this allows them to just come and enjoy themselves. Everybody gets together, has a good time, and dances.”
Each dance lasts from 6 to 9 and the City of Biloxi organizes these dances once a month for the special needs community.

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