Kevin Mattina arrested for false pretense

On Wednesday November 15, 2017, Sheriff Troy Peterson announced the arrest of 49 year old Kevin Paul Mattina who resides at 2009 S 8th St. Ocean Springs, MS on a felony charge of False Pretense.
According to Sheriff Troy Peterson, On November 13, 2017, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors filed a report with the Sheriff’s Department in reference to a false pretense complaint. The Board of Supervisors advised that in August of 2017, they had leased the Harrison County Skate Park to Kevin Paul Mattina. The Board of Supervisors advised that sometime between August of 2017, and November of 2017, Mattina sold numerous bleachers that were at the Skate Park. This was done without the consent or permission of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.
Kevin Paul Mattina was booked into the Harrison County Adult Detention Facility and charged with False Pretnese. Mattina is being held in lieu of a $15,000.00 dollar bond set by Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner.

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