Kevin Anderson memorial

Dozens gathered along Gulfport shores last night to pay their respects to a Gulfport salon owner who drowned in the Mississippi Sound in late July.
According to many, Kevin Anderson had a huge impact on the Gulf Coast salon industry. He’s described by his friends as an upbeat, larger than life character.
The memorial took place next to the Ken Combs Pier near Courthouse Road. A group of nearly 50 people gathered to dance, sing, and celebrate Anderson’s legacy. Sandra Chapman, a friend of Anderson, said, “He wasn’t afraid. Whenever it was his turn, he wanted to know that he lived as large as he could before it was his time and he wanted a celebration of his life and that’s what we are here to do. We are here to give him what he would love.”
Chapman says that Anderson would have been more than proud to see such a large crowd celebrate his life.

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