Kemper Plant Discovery Docket

On October 3, the Mississippi Public Service Commission will receive Mississippi Power Company’s initial filing as part of the Kemper County power plant discovery.
This discovery marks the next step in a diligent examination of all information involved with the certification of the Kemper facility, dating back to 2010.
The information gathered in the discovery is for the public’s use and any Mississippi Power ratepayer has a right to intervene at the commission and participate in the docket. Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said, “That will be determined really when the plant comes online, it demonstrates its availability and then once the Public Service Commission makes a determination on prudence and how many dollars are recoverable and the process for how that is going to be done and really anything other than that would just be speculation and a guess. That’s going to really play out in the next maybe 18 months until the commission will have these decisions put in front of them.”
If you are interested in knowing more and would like to have your questions answered, the rules are available at the commission’s website at

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