Keesler Medical Center hosting COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Keesler Medical Center is committed to quickly and safely vaccinating as many eligible military personnel and their families as possible.

In just four months Keesler Air Force Base has put over 10,000 Pfizer COVID vaccines into the arms of military personnel and their beneficiaries.

On the third floor of the Keesler Medical Center, an underutilized wing of the hospital was transformed into a COVID vaccine clinic. Lt. Col. Joshua Daniels said, “I just called the appointment line and got the appointment the next day.”

Lt. Col. Daniels has been in the Air Force for 16 years. In December 2019, he was deployed to Saudi Arabia. He was expected to return last May, but the spread of COVID-19 had his deployment extended until July. “For me, this vaccine is part of that. It’s just one step in ensuring the United States can continue with our way of life.”

They took an oath to serve and protect active-duty military, retirees and their families have signed up to take the COVID-19 vaccine to do their part to protect our country.

The uncertainty of not knowing when he would be able to come home, motivates Daniels to encourage others to get the vaccine. “All of the medical facilities down here, they’re all great. So, where ever you can get the vaccine, just get the vaccine and help the communities out.”

In Mississippi, all adults are eligible for COVID vaccines. The clinic accepts all civilian workers identified as essential personnel to get the shot as well. Physician Major Brittanie Neaves said, “We did reconfigure the patient flow so that way we’re moving patients in a social distanced manner through the clinic.”

On average the clinic is vaccinating between 200 to 400 people a day. Airman First Class Megan Crow-Elmore said, “We will keep this vaccine clinic as long as we need to to serve the population and get everyone back to normal.”

All Tri-Care beneficiaries can call and schedule a vaccine appointment at 228-376-2273 Monday through Friday.

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