Keesler Federal Credit Union plans ahead

In 2011 and 2013, the government shut down, leaving Americans to deal with the stress of missing a paycheck.
With another shutdown possible this weekend, Keesler Federal Credit Union wants customers to know that they will still give provisional credit to federally employed members so they won’t have to miss a paycheck.
Today President and CEO of Keesler Federal Credit Union Andy Swoger tells News 25 that if a government shutdown does occur, they will be ready. “Anytime that you miss your paycheck that creates a hardship for a family or for the kids, bills, whatever it may be so this is something unique that Keesler does and we will do whatever it takes for our members.”
Customers can stay alert by checking their home banking on Keesler Federal Credit Union’s web page to stay updated. They can also call in for any questions on their banking.

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