Keesler Air Force Base unveils new training technology

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have the world in the palm of your hands? Today at Keesler, the United States Department of Defense’s Weather Schoolhouse brought that notion to life with some cutting edge technology.
Keesler Air Force Base celebrated a huge milestone at the Department of Defense’s Weather Schoolhouse in Biloxi with the unveiling of some of the most advanced atmospheric research equipment in the world.
The SOS System, or science on a sphere, was developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association and they’ve taken projector technology and scaled down the entire globe and fit it into a single room. Chief Master Sgt. Randy Saban said, “This project really signifies that the Air Force is committed to transforming its training processes to meet the requirements of those new airmen and new military members that are coming into the service each day.”
The projectors take data from the global scale and put it in the palm of the instructor’s hands, a huge breakthrough for atmospheric study. John Marciniak with BWC Visual Technology said, “The cool thing about it is that it shows it onto a spherical surface as opposed to looking at climate data or earth data on a flat screen. There are 500 data sets that come with the system and you can also create your own data. If there’s content and things that you wanna show specifically to your facility or site, it can easily be prepared or produced.”

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