Keesler Air Force Base Promotions Ceremony

Every month Keesler Air Force Base holds a promotions ceremony to honor those airmen and women who are climbing ranks.

Today, Keesler held their 81st Training Wing’s Promotions Ceremony and it was a little out of the ordinary. In addition to the promotion’s ceremony being awarded, Captain Roger West was honored with the Air Force Air Medal. West responded to a helicopter crash at an undisclosed location in 2017.

West, along with his medical team, was responsible for that crash resulting in a 100 percent survival for all those involved. “I felt a lot of honor, it was a great mission. It is always nice to be able to help people and have a hundred percent survival like that in such a serious accident where people did die. I’m really honored to receive the medal. I feel a little guilty that my teammates aren’t with me. So it was definitely a team effort.”

The United States Air Force Air Medal is awarded to military or civilians for acts of heroism while participating in aerial flight.

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