Keesler AFB to Keep C130s

For years, rumors of a squadron leaving Keesler have been whispered for years and it seemed the Flying Jennies were set to fly away last September, a move that worried local business owners like Joe Jones.
"Most of our business relies on Keesler Air force base and the personnel out there so any squadron leaving would be a bad thing for the barber shop”, said Jones.
But those fears were put to rest today after the Air Force chief of Staff, General Mark Welsh III, informed Mississippi lawmakers the Flying Jennies and their ten C-130 planes would be staying in South Mississippi. Something Congressman Palazzo and Senators Cochran and Wicker have worked years for.
"We are absolutely delighted that we have been successful in winning this battle. It’s a good move for the future stability of Keesler, it’s a great move for our flying mission at Keesler, and we are grateful for the Air Force for coming to what we believe is the right decision", said Senator Wicker.
"Any money they spend outside this gate stays in the community. Everyone outside of part of Keesler Air force base, they’re all local businesses so that money is going to stay right here on the coast", said Jones.
While the Jennies won’t be leaving the coast anytime soon, the thought of losing them showed how important they are to Biloxi.
"I got a family I got to raise so if Keesler goes, I’ve got to go”, said Jones.

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