Keeping guns out of the wrong hands

With all the questions left unanswered after this weekend’s fatal mass shooting, the topic of gun control is once again in the crosshairs.
While our state is the home to many sportsman and considered gun friendly, there are still many rules and regulations imposed on firearm dealers and gun owners. Among those is the mandatory background check required to purchase a gun.
Kevin Riley from Dad’s Super Pawn tells News 25 that the gun dealers in our area take that screening process very seriously in order to prevent gun related tragedies. “I feel personally that, you know, as a dealer we are the first line of defense. So, we really look hard to see if there are any problems or issues. On top of that, the background check is very deep. We do turn down people. If we are not comfortable with a sale, we do not make that sale here.”
Riley says that he’s only aware of one case since 1932 in which a legally obtained class 3 weapon has been used in a crime.

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