Katrina Anniversary Blood Drive

Someone is need of a blood donation every two minutes in the United States. In the event of natural disasters the demand for blood skyrockets.
Tomorrow marks 12 years since Hurricane Katrina came ashore in Mississippi. As we look back on that day, the Texas Gulf Coast is dealing with some of the worst flooding that the United States has ever seen.
Since 2005, the American Red Cross has put on the Katrina anniversary blood drive to better enable relief workers to provide lifesaving resources to those in need and this year they’ve set the bar high, hoping to collect 298 pints of fresh blood. Denise Smith with the American Red Cross said, “We’re asking that everybody who can possibily donate, whether they’ve donated in the past or they’ve never done it, to please come out and make sure that we not only bridge the gap that’s needed right now here in other areas, but to make sure that we allow for extra blood supply in case there is a need in Texas and Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey.”
The blood drive runs Tuesday and Wednesday from noon to 7 p.m. at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi.

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