K-9 Officer Rambo Retires

Dogs really can be man’s best friend. The Pascagoula Police Department recently retired one of their k-9’s named Rambo. Today News 25’s Shelby Graham met with Sergeant Richard Davis and his furry friend.
A partnership ten years in the making between a dog and his owner is taking a different path these days, the Pascagoula Police Department has officially retired Sergeant Richard Davis’ sidekick, a k-9 named Rambo. “I hated that he had to retire but you know, just like anything, people get old and dogs get old. Sometimes they start hurting and we noticed that Rambo was getting to that point and having to start going to the vet a lot and we just want him to have a good life,” said Sgt. Davis.
Rambo has reprimanded 37 people in his time on the police force. Sgt. Davis says is a high number for a k-9 and it’s a number that will be hard for his new partner, Rico, to beat. “I always knew what Rambo could do. I didn’t have to worry about it. If I released him, he always was on point. The new dog, I have to watch what I’m doing because it’s back to the basics. I got a brand new dog. It’s just different,” said Sgt. Davis.
Rambo now spends his days living at home with Sgt. Davis and his wife, just being a normal dog. “We did a lot for the county, a lot for the city. I’m proud of him. He’s my best friend,” said Sgt. Davis, “I hate that he is sitting at home and I’m working without him. But he can be my best friend at home.”
The bond between Rambo and Sgt. Davis isn’t easily broken. They have both faced many scary circumstances together that may have gone another way if it wasn’t for Rambo. Sgt. Davis said, “I’m sure in some of those apprehensions, he saved my life.”
Sgt. Davis says whenever Rambo would apprehend someone, he always got a McDonald’s cheeseburger as a reward.

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