K-9 Deputy Radar Returns Home

A K-9 has been reunited with his handler, bringing a 17 day search to a close. The Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, along with the Pearl River Sheriff’s Office, has been searching nonstop for Radar since his disappearance. News 25’s Bryan Kennedy has the story on how the sheriff’s department was finally able to bring Radar home.
Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adams said, “We’re here today and excited to say that we did locate and capture our lost K-9 Radar last night.” Two and a half weeks after an intense search spanning two counties, Radar is back in custody.
The bloodhound went missing after he and his handler, a Hancock County deputy, had a car wreck in the southern part of Pearl River County, just 500 yards from where deputies finally managed to retrieve him. Jeremy Skinner, head of the Hancock County K-9 unit, said, “The entire time that’s what we hoped for, that he would go back to the one place he was familiar with or the last place he knew his handler was at. We were just lucky that he did stay in the area and that we were able to find him.”
Members of the Hancock County and Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department found Radar late Wednesday afternoon after following leads this past week from area residents and video from cameras set up near the accident site.
Skinner says Radar is only about 14 months old and his youth is likely to blame for his difficult capture. “We have a dog that was involved in a traumatic incident, an accident. His handler was immediately taken from the scene because of his own medical condition. This dog had been left to a strange place, unknown, scared with thousands of new smells he’s never smelled before.”
Radar has lost about 40 pounds and is getting treatment at a local veterinarian’s office. “He’s extremely dehydrated, emaciated. He just needs lots of fluids and food and some recovery time. Over the next few weeks, we’ll assess him to see if he’ll be able to return to his job as a working dog,” said Skinner.
One thing’s for sure, both Radar and his handler are happy to be reunited.
The Hancock Sheriff’s Department tells News 25 they’re not in control of distributing the reward for Radar. That was extended by a private company.

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