Jurassic Quest roars into the Coast Coliseum

They walked the earth two-hundred million years ago. Now, they greet guests at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum Biloxi.

Dinosaurs loom large in Biloxi as Jurassic Quest is now open and will remain in town until Sunday.

North America’s largest dinosaur exhibit is here on the Coast giving everyone a chance to step back into the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods.

Experts at Jurassic Quest say they’ve exchanged information with paleontologists in order to design and recreate the most realistic animatronics possible.

The velociraptor, for example has feathers — and might look a bit smaller than what you’d see in “Jurassic Park.”

The scale of a tyrannosaurus, however, might make scientists second guess bringing them back. Park Ranger Marty said, “A great thing about Jurassic Quest is that it’s also an educational experience. So, we have our fossil table where you can learn the real science about dinosaurs, and we even have a dino 411 line, where you can text your dinosaur questions directly to me, Park Ranger Marty, and get them answered.”

Lorraine Smith made the drive from New Orleans with her family just for this show. “We have to go by what traces they left, so we have to kind of like, make educated guesses as to how they actually were, so I think that’s interesting — it’s like a mystery or a puzzle we have to solve.”

Though you might learn here that these guys went extinct more than 200 million years ago, don’t tell them that. “We’ve been busy already in the morning on a Friday, so we think it’s going to be a really good turnout as far as people coming to see the show.”

“I brought my kids here thinking it was going to be more for my kids, and I’m having so much fun seeing all of the fossils, and the life-size dinosaurs are really interesting to me as an adult as well.”

It’s recommended that guests reserve their spots online at jurassicquest.com. Tickets start at $19. Saturday hours are 9am to 8pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

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