Junior Dragster Christmas on the Coast features top 64 racers in the country

The top 64 junior drag racers in the country are gathered at the Gulfport Dragway for the Junior Dragster Christmas on the Coast.

Hundreds of people filled the streets and tracks of the Gulfport Dragway for the Junior Dragster Christmas on the Coast.

The race was presented by Bone Shaker Motorsports, which is the business of Hayden Miller, a 13-year-old racer, who is also competing in the race. “It feels great because it’s been a couple years that we’ve been promoting it and to see all these other people actually come, over 200, it’s great to see that they would like to come out and race because we have people out here from all over the county.”

Christmas on the Coast is an invitation only race for ages seven to 17 that’s capped at 200 entries. 63 racers were chosen by their resumes and list of achievements while the other 137 racers will compete against each other to determine the 64th spot.

Altogether, 29 states were represented in the competition and meeting people from all over is North Carolina’s C.J. Jenkins favorite part of the sport. “The people we meet along the way, like people from Georgia, Mississippi like where we’re at, North Carolina, just meeting people all over makes the sport a lot easier because you can ask people for help, people that have been doing it longer than you. You can also help younger generations and build them up as well, so meeting the people is probably my favorite part of drag racing.”

Jenkins is a seven-time Walley winner and four-time track champion. He is surrounded by many other talented racers.

Victoria Beaner from Florida is an 11-year-old six-time champion. She said she was introduced to the sport by her father. “My dad, we have a powder coating business. He took on two juniors off of a trade and he asked me if I wanted to race them, you know, me being six I said yes. I had to wait until I was seven, that was the rules back then, but when we went out to the track one Friday night, I fell in love with it.”

Beaner went on to say that being a six-time champion meant everything to her.

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