July 4th Weekend Sparks Tourism

Compared to past summers, local beach vendors have noticed a decline in business this year.
“Life’s A Beach” Jet Ski Rentals is one of those businesses. In the past year, their rental service has seen a 60% decline in sales. Damien McKeown has worked for “Life’s A Beach” vendor for five years and he says the drop in business is all because of the vibrio bacteria scare but for the Fourth of July weekend, business picked back up to normal.
“It’s definitely slower than last summer. It was picking up fairly fast during the spring and it’s gotten a little bit slower since the public has been aware of the high bacteria and vibrio cases that have been happening,” said McKeown.
Damien says many people were in the water all weekend and the bacteria scare should no longer be a factor. He also says the public should remember that just because one part of the beach is closed, does not mean it is all closed.

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