Jubilee Havens opening new shelter to house victims of sex trafficking

This coming Monday at the Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce Main Street Tourism Bureau, Jubilee Havens will cut the ribbon on a new shelter.

The new facility, known as the Whistle Stop, will be a temporary pause for women rescued from sex trafficking.

The facility will house five guests in need of shelter for up to 30 days. While residents are at the facility, they will be guided by professionals, volunteers, and staff who are looking to invest in the lives of survivors by giving time, funds, and supplies. Jubilee Havens Founder Sharon Robbins said, “Human trafficking survivors are in need of emergency respite before they go to a long term because most victim survivors will probably run a couple of times before they make that final decision of ‘do I really want this’ because a lot of times they don’t think they need it, but they do. They don’t think there is another way out. We are going to help them understand that there is way out.”

Tomorrow, Jubilee Havens will host a volunteer training for anyone interested in serving in any capacity, including activities coordinator, volunteer coordinator, community outreach activities, and Whistle Stop volunteer. The training will be at Margaret Sherry Memorial Library from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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