Jolly McCarty Golf Tournament Shell Landing Golf Club

It’s one of Jackson County’s largest fundraising events the Jolly McCarty Golf Tournament that took place Saturday afternoon.

Hosted at the Shell Landing Golf Club in Gautier, the tournament consisted of 72 four-man teams which came out to be over 150 participants for this year’s game of golf.
The jolly annually raises a half a million dollars for the Bacot McCarty Foundation.
Executive Director Todd Trenchard explains it’s all about coming together for a good cause.

“It’s always rewarding when you see people take of their time, i mean it’s a great day a lot of people may go to the beach, we just happened to get everyone together and you have a lot of corporate heads out here but you have a lot of individuals who just want to give back. We’ve got hundreds of volunteers out here. So, it’s not just the playing of golf, it’s getting people to volunteer and we encourage everybody to come out be a part of us, get engaged and be a stronger community.”
– Todd Trenchard Bacot-McCarty Executive Director

The funds raised through the jolly goes toward the local community in forms of scholarships for students and grants to non-profits.

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