John Lennon Educational Tour Bus Visits Biloxi High School

The spirit of John Lennon was at Biloxi High School today, as students got to let their imaginations run wild on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.
The bus provides students with an exclusive look into the latest in music products, audio, video and broadcast technologies. Producer engineer Bryce Quig-Hartman said, “The organization’s been around for about 18 years and it’s really an offshoot of the John Lennon Song Writing Contest. We wanted to be able to bring a studio to people that might not have had the access or resources to record their song in.”
This recording studio on wheels makes about 200 stops a year, inspiring thousands of kids across the county to pursue their dreams in entertainment arts. Organizers are also using the program to infuse popular arts as an added component to Biloxi’s economic future.
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus will be in Biloxi until Friday, and then it heads off to Fairhope, Alabama, so even more students can experience music, education and the spirit of John Lennon.

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