John Finn Christening

When U.S. Navy Lt. John Finn died in 2010, it made him the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient from the attack on Pearl Harbor. A hero to the man who will captain the ship named after him.
“He was such a great American hero. And he never flaunted that. And that’s what I really like about him,” said U.S. Navy Commander Michael Wagner.
On the fateful day of the Pearl Harbor attack, Finn woke up to a wave of Japanese planes bombing his base, Naval Air Station in Hawaii. Finn defended his country and his base by driving to the airfield, mounting a .50 caliber machine gun onto a tripod and firing for two hours. He suffered 21 wounds.
“To be able to command the ship after this namesake, it’s truly an honor. And I just hope that myself and my crew live up to his namesake,” said U.S. Navy Commander Michael Wagner.
“It does operations in a variety of warfare areas. Anti-air warfare which is operations against aircrafts and cruise missiles and other threats that fly in the atmosphere, anti-surface warfare against other ships, and naval surface fire which is bombardment of shore.”
Each DDG is created with a brand new advancement.
“This one we add to that an integrated air and missile defense capability. So not only can it engage threats in the atmosphere, it can also engage ballistic missile threats that are out in space.”
Defending our country and preserving our freedom just how Lieutenant John Finn did more than 70 years ago.

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