Jingle Bell Jog at USM Gulf Park

Santa and his reindeer went for a jog around USM’s Gulf Park campus, getting a little exercise in before eating all those cookies and treats on Christmas Eve. It was people dressed like Santa and his reindeer anyway.
Today, the Gulf Park campus hosted their second annual Jingle Bell Jog. Runners and joggers gathered outside of Hardy Hall and did a little caroling before taking off on the mile long jog. One person even opted out of running shoes and traded them in for skates instead.
Assistant Fitness Director at USM Gulf Park Kim Beard said, “First day of December so what a great time to start our holiday cheer. Fitness and fun is what we’re all about here at the Gulf Park campus. We have a Blue Cross Blue Shield grant that allows us to put on really fun events for our campus. This is a way to get the students, faculty, staff and community members out to exercise together and really enjoy one another.”
USM Gulf Park hosts a similar run once a month with a different theme each time.

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