Jim Hood rallies in Greenwood, MS

It was a busy day for Jim Hood as well. He hit the campaign trail for one more stop ahead of tomorrow’s election.

The Democratic nominee for Mississippi governor says he thinks he will receive bipartisan support from voters.

Hood spoke to reporters as he campaigned in the Mississippi Delta, a region that’s important for Democrats seeking statewide office. “I think when we get our voters out, a lot of moderates will vote for me in this race. A lot of Republicans will come over, because people want to see some change. I think that’s the formula. It’s just simple. There are three simple issues in this race and that’s roads, healthcare and education, and I’m for those and my opponent hasn’t done a thing in eight years, and people know that. ”

Hood appeared in Greenwood at about the same time that Republican nominee Tate Reeves was in Biloxi at a campaign rally with Vice President Mike Pence.

Hood is the best-funded Democratic candidate for Mississippi governor in more than a decade.

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