Jessie Bardwell trial continues: accused killed takes the stand

A Pascagoula father is in McKinney, Texas as the murder trial for his daughter continues. Jessie Bardwell’s body was found in Texas in May of 2016 after her boyfriend, Jason Lowe, was arrested and charged in her murder.
Today, Lowe took the stand in a Texas courtroom, telling a story of an accidental death. According to reporter Valerie Wigglesworth, who is inside the courtroom for the trial, Lowe says he and Bardwell were in the shower having sex when she slipped and hit her head on the wall and then the edge of the bathtub.
Lowe said she was panicky and felt hot while he was dabbing at her bleeding forehead. Lowe says they decided to lay down and nap, but he woke up and she didn’t.
Lowe admits to putting her body in his car and letting the body stay there for days. Bardwell’s decomposing body was found May 19, 2016 on a property in rural Farmersville.
Lowe admitted that by not telling the police right away he made things worse.

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