Mother Wants to Educate on Diabetes

State Representative Jeff Guice came under scrutiny after an email he sent to a mother asking for help to obtain medication for her diabetic daughter goes viral.
The diabetic community is angered by his advice for diabetics to think about buying the supplies with their own money.
News 25’s Shelby Myers sat down with Jodi Stafford, a Wiggins mother whose two year old daughter suffers from Type 1 diabetes.
When Stafford heard about what Representative Guice sent to a mother dealing with the same issues, she was deeply saddened.
Stafford and her husband have insurance but pay $700 a month out of pocket for the remaining costs to cover their daughter’s medications.
Stafford told News 25 Guice’s response was insensitive and he, as well as the general public, just need to be more informed on what diabetes is and what it takes to care for a child who suffers from it.
Guice did issue an apology after receiving backlash. He says in part: “I realize my remarks to Mrs. Nichols were completely insensitive and out of line. I am sorry and deeply regret my reply. I know nothing about her and her family and replied in a knee-jerk fashion.”

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