Jeep lovers celebrate in style at Jeep-A-Gras parade in Long Beach

The Carnival Association of Long Beach held its second annual Jeep-A-Gras Parade Saturday night.

It’s the only parade of its kind, dedicated to the Jeep community.

Spectators were able to view more than 200 Mardi Gras themed Jeeps while catching beads and partying with their friends and family.

Carnival Association of Long Beach President Jason Green says Jeep-A-Gras always has a tremendous impact on the City of Long Beach. “It’s just additional revenue for these businesses who would normally this time of year not see this type of a crowd on a Saturday evening. So, all these people have been here a lot during the afternoon supporting all of these businesses. So, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

The Carnival Association of Long Beach kicks off its annual Mardi Gras parade February 11th.

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