Jackson Water Crisis: Main concern is getting the city clean water

An update on the water crisis in Jackson, EPA Administrator Michael Regan had a meeting with Governor Reeves, Mayor Lumumba, Congressman Bennie Thompson, and Senators Cindy Hyde-Smith and Roger Wicker.

All participants agreed to work close and work in a coordinated fashion for the people of the capital.

Regan said the main concern is responding to the emergency in a way that ensures the people of Jackson will have access to clean drinking water. “We believe that there are even more resources that we can access but we do know that it will require all of us working together to cut through the bureaucracy, have open lines of communication, and access these resources to put them to work immediately so that we can have some longer-term solutions for the people of Jackson.”

Governor Reeves also mentioned the meeting was focused on the intermediate and long-term solutions to fix the emergency in the city.

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